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Vesta 88 River House & Barge Patio Bar

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Summer 2024 Band Lineups

6/15: Laces Out 7-11pm
6/22: Drunken Hillbillies 7-11pm
6/29: David Ally Band 7-11pm
7/4: High Treason 7-11pm
7/5: Smells like the 90’s 7-11pm
7/6: Fireworks and D.J. 7-11pm
7/12: Devon Johnson 7-11pm
7/13: Nuther Round 6-10pm
7/20: King Wolf Karaoke 6-10pm
7/27: Mr. Hand 7-11pm
8/3: Blackened Ground 7-11 pm
8/10: Laces Out 7-11pm
8/17: Velvetta 7-11pm
8/30: Jesse Wyles 7-11pm
8/31: Pulse 7-11pm

About Vesta 88

Coal has a long-storied history in Western PA and the region and economy grew fast because of it. Vesta is a well-known name in our proud mining community, and it stands for the life and livelihood of so many of our ancestors.

We proudly present to you the Vesta 88 River House and Barge.

This opportunity has been founded on the hard-working hands of our relatives, friends, and community. 

We hope you enjoy the history and heritage of our town in our newly renovated building while savoring the tastes on our unique menu.

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